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Operating seedling raising center

Operating seedling raising center

Research-and-development center

Research and development center

Company Name
Miyoshi & Co., Ltd.
Major Business Activities
Breeding, research, production and sales of ornamental plants, seeds, specialized in tissue culture plants such as Limonium, Delphinium, Helleborus and Gypsophila for cut flowers. Also seed varieties of F1 Eustoma, Stock, Asters and Celosia etc are exported to many countries.
Pioneer on
Tissue Culture of
Ornamental Plants
Since Miyoshi & Co., Ltd. has been established, we have been producing, distributing and developing flower seeds, plants and bulbs. We have been putting our main focus on vegetative propagation. We introduced tissue culture techniques and started production and sales in 1968. Since then we have been market leaders by succeeding in supplying disease free and high quality plant material.
We made big progress in Gypsophila, Carnation, Gerbera, Limonium (statice), Gladiolus, Lilies and other crops by introducing the techniques of tissue culture. In 1975, we started mass-production of Gypsophila using this technique which allowed the product to be more widely grown.
Presently, our top sellers are Tissue Culture Limonium, Delphinium and F1 Eustoma. We produce over 3 million tissue culture plants a year. These varieties are famous as our own original. We have been putting much effort on selections and hybridization on this genus.
Miyoshi is the first large scale distributor of plug plants in Japan. We started producing plug seedlings from 1986 at jointly established company, T.M. Ball Laboratories Inc. and started plug seedlings mainly for cut flower usage and now produce pot and bedding plants also.
Miyoshi's goal is to be a development company with "one of a type" products in the horticultral business.
April 1, 1949
Chairperson: Seiki MIYOSHI
President: Seiichi MIYOSHI
Absentee director: Noriyasu MIYOSHI
Executive Director: Toshihiko NATORI
Director: Shoji HATANO
Development of
Miyoshi & Co., Ltd.
Yukio MIYOSHI established the company in Shibuya, Tokyo
Moved the head office to Shinjuku, Tokyo
Released Carnation and chrysanthemum produced by tissue culture
Established Tissue Culture Laboratory in Tokyo
Established Yatsugatake Research Center & Tissue Culture Laboratory in Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi Pref
Succeeded in the practical commercialization of Gypsophila paniculata by tissue culture
Succeded in the practical commercialization of Cut Flower Plug Plants
Founder of Yukio MIYOSHI become chairperson, Seiki MIYOSHI become new president
Established a joint venture company Grand Biotechnology Co. in Taiwan. Capital participation for TM Ball
Established Yatsugatake Sales & Production Center and Plant Factory
Established M&B Flora a joint company by Ball Horticultural and Miyoshi & Co., LTD
Established MIYOSHI AGRI TECH, a sales and production company for vegetable plants
Miyoshi carnation business is transferred to MIYOSHI AGRI TECH
Seiichi MIYOSHI assume new president, Seiki MIYOSHI became Chairperson
Miyoshi Locations of
Offices and
Production Centers
Head Office
2-1-8 Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0056, Japan
TEL: 03-3302-4755 FAX: 03-3306-5344

Yatsugatake Sales & Production Center
3181 Kamisasao, Kobuchizawa, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-8533, Japan
TEL: 0551-36-5912 FAX: 0551-36-5900

Yatsugatake Research & Development Center
187 Kamisasao, Kobuchizawa, Hokuto, Yamanashi 408-0041 Japan
TEL: 0551-36-2558 FAX: 0551-36-2439
Associate companies
M&B Flora
Joint venture company of Ball Horticultural Company. (U.S.A.) and Miyoshi company.
Sales function of pot and bedding plants in the domestic market.

Miyoshi has 100% of stock share and transferred vegetable plants and carnation business.
Sales function of Carnation plants and vegetable plants(Strawberry, Sweet poteto, Wasabi).

Joint venture company of Ball Horticultural Company (U.S.A.), Arysta LifeScience Corpoarion(Japan), Mikado Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Miyoshi company.
This is the first company produces flower and vegetable plug seedlings commercially in Japan.

Grand Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Joint Venture company of Taiwan Flora Biotechnology, KNOWN-YOU SEED CO(Taiwan), Arysta LifeScience Corpoarion(Japan) and Miyoshi Company
Corporate philosophy
Customer First