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Plant height is about 60-80 cm. Although Brassica is quite hardy and strong against cold, it is recommended to prevent crops from front to keep good quality of products. F1 First Lady is a new type of Brassica having fringed and voluminous leaves. Plant height is higher than other varieties. Color is bright and dark red. Coloring speed is middle late. Our round leaves “F1 Bright Rose” has very compact head in uniform. Attractive pinkish red with dark green outer leaves. Coloring speed is middle-early with excellent color holding ability.

Round Leaf

Brassica Moon Light

F1 Moon Light

Brassica F1 Bright Rose

F1 Bright Rose

Brassica F1Airy

F1 Airy

Brassica F1 Hakuju

F1 Hakuju

Brassica F1 Snow Bright

F1 Snow Bright

F1 Kouju No.2

Brassica Suruga no Hatsuhi

F1 Suruga no Hatsuhi


Brassica F1 First Lady

F1 First Lady

Serrated Leaf

Brassica Ensemble