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Kurume Strain

Suitable for non pinching cultivation. Spacing 12 cm x 12 cm apart for smaller heads and thinner stems. Excess nitrogen is a cause for stem fasciation.




Miyoshi Select


Rose Queen


Orange Queen


Orange Queen Imp

05-006_イエロークィーン 補正

Yellow Queen

Delhi Series

Delhi requires high temperature and summer production is recommended. It grows slow in winter period.

05-021_セロシア デリー パール

Delhi Pearl

05-019_セロシア デリー パープル

Delhi Purple


Delhi Rainbow

05-018_セロシア デリー レッド

Delhi Red

Green Sango

Light green Celosia and much faster flowering than Martin series. It is suited for non pinching cultivation for single stem harvest. The cariety is not tolerant to diseases. Extra care is recommended including good ventilation and spraying for pests and diseases especially for forcing culture in the greenhouse.


Green Sango

Crystal Beauty

Very attractive metallic orange color. Color becomes darker from bottom to top. The color od leaves and stem are light yellowish green. This variety is suited for both pinching and non pinching cultivation. The latter produces a very large flower head that may be interesting and could be unique flower material.

05-017_セロシア クリスタルビューティ

Crystal Beauty

Arrangement Celosia

Available in light pink to dark rose, we have arrow shaped Arrangement Celosia. They are very nice for making basket decorations and arrangements.


Ruby Parfait

05-031_セロシア ローズベリーパフェ

Roseberry Parfait

Durian Series

Durian is very popular among Arrangement Celosia with an assortment of vivid yellow, golden and red. This variety is a late type and flowering time is September-October.

05-026_セロシア ドリアン レッド

Durian Red

05-027_セロシア ドリアン ゴールデン

Durian Golden

05-028_セロシア ドリアン イエロー

Durian Yellow


Lime green feather Celosia is excellent as a green bouquet filler as well as for all kinds of arrangements. Sylphid responds very well to light and temperature. In the greenhouse with lighting and heating, winter production is possible.