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Belladonna Type

Tissue Culture Varieties

Waltz Series

After introduction, this series is well accepted and consumed worldwide. Waltz series was selected for larger single flowers and extremely high production. Clones are produced by tissue culture and performance and appearance are very uniform. Although production differs somewhat among varieties, this series keeps producing without dormancy and achieve higher production than other varieties. Star Waltz displays beautiful flowers with a very attractive contrast between white bee and dark blue petals.

Delphinium Sky Waltz

Sky Waltz

Delphinium Sea Waltz

Sea Waltz

Star Waltz

Star Waltz

Trick Series

Having unique colors, Trick group is a perfect producer. New shoots continuously develop and grow up. The size of flower spikes is rather small in length and width. Trick series produces ideal quality stems for mixed bouquets. Vase life is excellent with proper pretreatment.

Delphinium Trick


Delphinium Trick Pink

Trick Pink

Delphinium Trick Yellow

Trick Yellow

Tango Dark Blue

Tango Dark Blue has double flowers. Compared with Sea Waltz, Tango’s plant height is rather shorter but flowering speed is faster. Tango Dark Blue has excellent vase life.

Delphinium Tango Dark Blue

Tango Dark Blue

Cultorum Type

F1 Ariel Series

Ariel series flowers earlier than Triton Series and hardly becomes rosette. Ariel White is the earliest flowering among our F1 elatum type Delphiniums. Flower size is approximately 7 cm. Plant height is not very tall and it should not be planted in the hot period. Once it starts flowering, buds open rather quickly from bottom to top. Harvest at the early flowering stage.

Delphinium F1 Ariel Blue

F1 Ariel Blue

Delphinium F1 Ariel Light Blue

F1 Ariel Light Blue

Delphinium F1_Ariel White

F1 Ariel White

F1 Triton Series

F1 Triton Series is very uniform in size and color. Growing speed is early and production is high. Excellent stem quality with good shaped double flowers closely arranged on cylinder shaped spikes. Triton’s tight spikes are more slender than other D. cultorum or elatum varieties. This supports economical transportation and various flower usages and more consumption.
Currently three colors are available ; Dark blue, Light blue and a fabulous lavender color, Triton Lavender has the biggest flower size of our entire Delphinium assortment. Flowering speed is earlier than Triton Light Blue and slower than Dark Blue.

Delphinium F1 Triton Dark Blue

F1 Triton Dark Blue

Delphinium F1 Triton Light Blue

F1 Triton Light Blue

Delphinium F1 Triton Lavender

F1 Triton Lavender

F1 Morpho Series

F1 Morpho series is developed to improve characteristics of OP varieties including longer stem length, earlier flowering, higher productivity and more stable flower color under cold and cloudy conditions. F1 Morpho series is superior for bouquets because florets have no spurs and open upright unlike other delphinium.


F1 Morpho Grand Blue


F1 Morpho Sky Blue


F1 Morpho Platinum Blue


F1 Morpho Lavender Imp


F1 Morpho Chiffon Blue


F1 Morpho Happy Pink

Delphinium Morpho Silky White

F1 Morpho Silky White

Delphinium Morpho Sugar Pink

F1 Morpho Sugar Pink