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Limonium sinuatum

Tissue Culture Varieties

Sunday Series

Sunday series is extra early growing and extremely high producer and well suited to winter production. Sunday consists of Violet and Lavender. The series is also resistant to Botrytis. Branches grow upright and form an excellent shape.


Sunday Lavender


Sunday Violet

Prime Series

Prime series is early flowering and suited to winter production. The series is well branched with small wings and its strong stems grow upright. Crops are easy to harvest. Prime series is a very high producer.

Prime Lovely Pink

Prime Lovely Pink


Prime Violet

Earth Series

Earth has big calyces which open well. It produces tall and very high quality stems that grow upright and straight into a perfect shape. Crops are easy to harvest and are suitable for winter production.


Earth Ocean


Earth Pink


Exotic Tall Blue
Exotic Tall Blue is a middle-late flowering variety and suited for summer production. It produces high quality stems not only for 1st flush but also 2nd flush with long stems and good branching habit. Apply less fertilizer and water as the growth is very vigorous.

Dynamic Violet
Intense violet color. Large brush and thick stems give heavy quality to cut flowers. Good stem length and branching even under the hot climate condition. It is late flowering speed and suitable for summer production.

Noble Violetta
Noble Violetta has very intense dark blue brushes. The variety belongs to middle-late flowering speed category with excellent summer performance producing high quality stems.

Luster Amethyst
Luster Amethyst has shinning bright purple calyces that open very well. Excellent volume with big brushes. This variety is slightly slow and suitable for summer production.

Rose Wine
Rose Wine is an early flowering variety suited for winter forcing cultivation. Calyces open very well and stems grow straight up. Vivid intense rose color.

Crystal Yellow
Attractive bright lemon yellow variety with perfect volume and suitable for all seasons. Crystal yellow is susceptible to botrytis so good ventilation and appropriate prevention are required.

Clear Snow
Clear Snow is pure white and an early flowering variety suitable for winter production. The variety has an upright branching habit making cropping easy.

Sprint Violet
Sprint Violet is selected for very early flowering, very high yield, its intense dark blue flowers and mainly winter production. The variety does require much less cold for vernalization.


Exotic Tall Blue


Dynamic Violet


Noble Violetta


Luster Amethyst


Rose Wine


Crystal Yellow


Clear Snow


Sprint Violet

Seed Varieties

F1 Smash series grows much more uniform than OP varieties and almost all flower stems are harvestable without loss. Productivity is very high and comparable to TC varieties. The series is early for winter production.


F1 Smash Rose Imp


F1 Smash Violet


Ever Series

Ever series offers wide of planting schedule as it does not require much cold. Ever Snow is pure white with slender plant shape ; excellent for the mixed bouquets. Ever Cute has an excellent volume. Ever Rose has the lowest requirement of cold temperature for flower initiation in our red varieties and it allow this variety an advantageous production with high quality flowers.

L. sinense Ever Cute

Ever Cute

L. sinense Ever Rose

Ever Rose

L. sinense Ever Snow

Ever Snow


L. Altaica Corona Series

Our offer is limited to north hemisphere from April to September and south hemisphere from October to January.

Limonium sp. Corona Purple

Corona Purple

Limonium sp. Corona Deep Blue

Corona Deep Blue

Limonium sp. Corona Blue

Corona Blue

L. Altaica Tall Series

Miyoshi’s well known hybrid Limonium, Tall Emille and Tall Pink Emille. These two varieties are free flowering and continue to flower under the right temperature and light conditions.

Limonium sp. Tall Pink Emille

Tall Pink Emille

Limoniu sp. Tall Emille

Tall Emille