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All Double Spray type

Spark Series

All Double Spray Type. In addition to Quartet series, all double spray Spark series is available as all double flowers without double single selection. Over 90% will be double flowers. Cream yellow and white are available. Compared to Quartet White and Yellow II, Spark White II and Yellow are about 10 cm taller but flowering is delayed by 10 days and 14 days respectively.

Matthiola Spark Yellow

Spark Yellow

Matthiola Spark White Ⅱ

Spark White Ⅱ

All Double Standard type

Arrow White

All double standard type. All double Arrow White flowers slower than Revolutions but produces stronger and taller flower stem. It has voluminous flower spike and pure white flower color.

Matthiola Arrow White

Arrow White

Revolution Series

All Double standard type. Mr. Kurokawa has bred high quality, all double varieties. Revolution White Ⅱ and Revolution Yellow Ⅱ are very early flowering. Without selection work, over 90% will be double flowers.

Matthiola Revolution Yellow Ⅱ

Revolution Yallow Ⅱ

Matthiola Revolution White Ⅱ

Revolution White Ⅱ

Quartet Series

Quartet series is early to bloom and scented with very sweet fragrance. Its outstanding characteristics such as a strong branching habit and hard stems make it an excellent choice for flower bouquets and decorations. Pinching is required to make a well-balanced spray form.

07-001_ストック_カルテット ホワイト

Quartet White

07-027_ストック_カルテット イエローⅡ

Quartet Yellow Ⅱ


Quartet Red Purple


Quartet Deep Yellow


Quartet Rainbow


Quartet Apricot Ⅱ


Quartet Peach

07-008_ストック カルテット サンセット

Quartet Sunset


Quartet Light Pink Blush


Quartet Pink Blush

Matthiola Quartet Deep Pink Blush

Quartet Deep Pink Blush


Quartet Cool Pink


Quartet Cherry

07-004_ストック_カルテット ラブリー

Quartet Lovely

07-005_ストック_カルテット ファンタジー

Quartet Fantasy

07-007_ストック_カルテット ピンク

Quartet Pink


Quartet Rose

07-010_ストック_カルテット ディープローズ

Quartet Deep Rose

07-011_ストック_カルテット レッド

Quartet Red


Quartet Marine Blush


Quartet Sky Blush


Quartet Marine

07-016_ストック_カルテット ラベンダー

Quartet Lavender


Quartet Purple

07-015_ストック_カルテット ブルー

Quartet Blue


Quartet Blue Blush

Early Iron Series

As the series name implies, it flowers earlier than Iron series and at the same time, ideal traits of Iron series remain such as very tight flower spikes and iron like hard stem. The series is very early flowering.

Matthiola Early Iron Pink

Early Iron Pink

Matthiola Early Iron Marine

Early Iron Marine

Iron Series

Iron series is highly preferred because of its excellent quality. As in the name of Iron, the stems are like iron and very robust. It produces excellent tight flower spikes and the top of it does not stretch. Iron need more water than other varieties to have marketable length.

Matthiola Iron White

Iron White

Matthiola Iron Yellow

Iron Yellow

Matthiola Iron Apricot

Iron Apricot

Matthiola Iron Cherry

Iron Cherry

Matthiola Iron Pink

Iron Pink

Matthiola Iron Fairy Pink

Iron Fairy Pink

Matthiola Iron Deep Pink

Iron Deep Pink

Matthiola Iron Rose

Iron Rose

Matthiola Iron Rose Pink

Iron Rose Pink

Matthiola Iron Marine

Iron Marine

Matthiola Iron Blue

Iron Blue

Matthiola Iron Purple

Iron Purple

Nami Series

Matthiola Okinami


Matthiola Takanami


Matthiola Asanami


Matthiola Yukinami


Kid Series

Kid series is very early flowering which enables early harvesting and it is even earlier than Iron series. Kid White is one month earlier than Iron White and 10 days earlier than Kid Yellow. Kid series is not only fast but also the stem is rigid and the spike is tight just as good as Iron series.

# Please contact us for the best sowing time in your region to avoid premature flowering as the series is very early flowering.

Matthiola Kid White

Kid White

Matthiola Kid Yellow

Kid Yellow


Matthiola Souen


Matthiola Souka