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Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon)

F1 Fair Series

F1 Fair is an extra early flowering series for winter production. It has a heavy flower spike with tightly spaced florets and each floret is large. Best planted when it cools down to gain enough stem length. In warm conditions, it flowers short.

Antirrhinum majus F1 Fair Deep Pink

F1 Fair Deep Pink

Antirrhinum majus F1 Fair Pure White No.2

F1 Fair Pure White No.2

Antirrhinum majus F1 Fair Yellow

F1 Fair Yellow

F1 Bridal Series

F1 Bridal series is early to intermediate flowering and also bred for quality flowers and good vase life. Bridal White No. 4 is an improved version for a better second flush.

Antirrhinum majus F1 Bridal Pink

F1 Bridal Pink

Antirrhinum majus F1 Bridal Light Yellow

F1 Bridal Light Yellow

Antirrhinum majus F1 Bridal White

F1 Bridal White

F1 Bridal White No.4

F1 Bridal White No.4

Amaranthus cruentus

Hot series for sales from summer through late autumn. Amaranthus is originally from India and prefers warm and sunny conditions. The crop is mainly for outdoor production.

Amaranthus cruentus Hot Biscuit

Hot Biscuit

Amaranthus cruentus Hot Chili

Hot Chili

Ammi majus (White Lace Flower)

Energy saving crop for popular bouquet filler, arrangements and decorations.

Ammi majus (White Lace Flower)

White Lace Flower

Calendula offcinalis


Full double Calendulas are for spring cut flowers.

Calendula offcinalis Nakayasu


Capsicum annuum

Black Ace

Black Ace produces long and thin fruits. Very impressive in a lustrous black. Fruits grow bunch at top.

Capsicum annuum Black Ace

Black Ace

Carthamus tinctorius

Carthamus tinctorius Orange Red has round shape leaves and bristles are retarded and easier to work with. Gold is approximately one (1) week slower than Orange Red but grows taller and has better volume.

Orange Red

Orange Red

Carthamus tinctorius Gold


Centaurea C.cyanus


Mix of 55% blue, 20% pink, 10% red and 15% white. Early flowering selection.




Cosmos is a short cropping product, 60-90 days from sowing to harvest. Versailes and Afternoon White are tetraploid and flowers are very large.



Cosmos Red Illusion

Red Illusion

Cosmos Picotte


Cosmos Pink Picotee

Pink Picotte

Cosmos Afternoon White

Afternoon White



Flower inflorecense is very large and flower color is vivid scarlet red. It is early and tall growing variety. This variety needs vernalization for flower initiation.



Didiscus caeruleus (Blue Lace Flower)

Lovely Pink

Lovely Pink has brighter pink color than other pink Didiscus. The color appears clearer especially under the cool condition. Long day flowering Didiscus needs lighting culture for winter production.

Lovely Pink

Helianthus annuus


Lemonade is double variety with bright yellow color. Double flower percentage is excellent without cropping loss. Flowering speed, it takes about 80 days from sowing to harvest.

Helianthus annuus Lemonade


Iberis umbellata


Candytuft flowers in spray form with 4-5 blooms of red, pink, violet or white. With heating and lighting, production continues throughout winter. Very good vase life.

Lilium formolongo

F1 Azusa No.1

Flowering in uniform and the production loss is small. It flowers upward and produces a good number of flowers. The leaves are thick, glossy and keep attractive deep color.

Lilium formolongo F1 Azusa No.1

F1 Azusa No.1

Myosotis alpestris Nano Series

Myosotis is commonly known as a bedding plant. Nano grows slightly taller. Its stems and flowers are thicker and bigger respectively. This variety can be forced for winter flowering with the usage of heating.

Myosotis Nano White

Nano White

Myosotis Nano Blue

Nano Blue

Rhodanthe manglesii

Maculata Rose

Bright pink with yellow center with reddish purple ring.

Rhodanthe manglesii Maculata Rose

Maculata Rose

Ricinus communis

Unique flower arrangement material. Clear bright red Miyoshi selection.

Ricinus communis Mizuma


Rumohra adiantiformis (Leather Leaf Fern)

Mild has received the high appraisal because of a little number of spores and its excellent shiny leaves.

Rumohra adiantiformis Mild


Silene armeria

Small 1 cm across florets compose lovely 5 cm light pink clusters. Year round sales are possible with heating and lighting.

Silene armeria Sakura Komachi

Sakura Komachi

Tweedia caerulea (Oxypetalum)

Tweedia is a half hardy perennial and can be grown for 2-3 years by avioding freezing in winter. It continues to produce through winter with minimum temperature of 15℃. Excellent material for bouquets and flower decoration. Approximately 50% semi double, 25% double and 25% single flowers appear from both Pint White Double Mix and Blue Double Mix.

Tweedia caerulea Pint White Double Mix

Pint White Double Mix

Tweedia caerulea Pint Blue Mix

Blue Double Mix

Tweedia Pint White Double


Tweedia Pint White Semi Double

Semi Double

Tweedia Pint White Single


Tweedia Blue Double


Tweedia Blue Semi Double

Semi Double

Tweedia Blue Single