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New official Web site for MIYOSHI F1 STRAWBERRIES opened!

MIYOSHI GROUP has opened new official Web site for our new challenge MIYOSHI F1 SEED STRAWBERRIES. We will keep sharing our new information, experience and solutions to assist your strawberry production.

We hope this Web site will be a great trigger to know what Japanese F1 seed strawberries are and be a useful place to exchange our ideas as well.

This Web site is corresponding to English, Spanish and Chinese.


– MIYOSHI GROUP will release two new varieties as the first generations –


We will launch two varieties as the first generation of MIYOSHI F1 SEED STRAWBERRIES.“19FAG-1” has stable sweetness and “19FAG-2” has high productivity and great combination of sweetness and sourness. They both belong to short day type. Please check the details on our Web site.


New official Web site for MIYOSHI F1 STRAWBERRIES



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